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Joto 44" Calendar Roll to Roll Heat Press

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Perfect for sublimation transfer of large banners, flags, T-shirts, non-woven fabrics, apparel fabrics, towels, blankets, mousepads, and other products in the piece, especially the continuous transfer of the clothes.</p>
<p><em>Please note: Good ventilation require as this press generates a lot of heat.

Joto 44" Calendar Roll to Roll Heat Press - Joto Imaging Supplies US
Joto 44" Calendar Roll to Roll Heat Press

Joto 44" Roll-to-roll Calendar heat press is an affordable, easy to use rotary heat press for all your dye sublimation paper transfer and direct-to-fabric applications. It delivers precision temperature fixation to a broad range of textile applications, thus saving time on production. Made of all steel solid construction to provide high quality performance., it is built for year on year production. 

Key Features:

  • Integrated sports tables- allows cut piece and roll-to-roll transfer application
  • 6 mandrels- 3 for feeding and 3 for take up after sublimation
  • Spring Loaded Take-up Mandrels- allows to load or remove media from the calendar easily without any tools.
  • Forward & Reverse Buttons- if the paper gets stuck or jammed, you can push the REV button to rewind the paper safely. 
  • Tension Handle- Allows to control the tension between the blanket and oil drum; When pressed down, a greater tension with a tight blanket; When button is released, the blanket will be separated. 
  • Adjustable Rod- for adjusting the tension and position of blanket. 
  • Belt Speed Controller- for adjusting the speed of belt. 
  • Take-up Mandrels Speed Controller- for adjusting the collecting speed of take-up mandrels to meet the belt speed. 
  • Automatic cool down- When turning the "Power" and "Heat" buttons off, the heat press cools down automatically (factory setting is 2 hours).
Air Compressor No
Brand Joto
Compatible Technology Heat Presses
Controller GY-06 Digital Time & Temp. Control
Dependent Quantity No
FCC Attribute Yes
Features Digital Controller
Gas Spring Control No
Gross Weight 992.08Ib (450kg)
Max Temperature 392F (200C)
Power 6KW
SIP Attribute Yes
Voltage 220V/ 1Phrase
Application Temperature

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