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iSmart Sublimation Oven

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Joto’s Sublimation iSmart oven is the perfect solution when you want to image multiples Mugs, Tumblers, Waterbottles, bowls and more all at once.  With a large 40 litre cavity the iSmart oven will allow you to image up to 6 x 11oz mugs at the same time, full wrap Tumblers using shrink film, top to bottom mugs and so much more.  Each oven comes complete with 2 removable stainless-steel racks.

iSmart Sublimation Oven - Joto Imaging Supplies US
iSmart Sublimation Oven

iSmart Sublimation Oven delivers consistent baking results. Its compact size with a large cavity inside allows enough room to print up to 6 11oz mugs at once. Includes two metal trays to insert the objects in the oven.

Why choose iSmart Sublimation Oven?
1. Six heating tubes- distributes heat evenly, ensuring a better printing quality.
2. Four sides enamel cavity- Results in even temperature.
3. Digital temperature control system with smart sensor - detect temperature changes and readjust automatically
4. Thick Double-layered heat-resistant door- for safety.
5. Easy to use- very practical. Can be moved easily.
6. Back fan- Evenly channels hot air throughout the oven cavity, resulting in precise cooking results.

Between processes, leaving the air running to help maintain oven temperature, and reducing work time is recommended.

Suitable for items up to 7.08" (18 cm) tall.

Brand Joto
Compatible Technology Sublimation
Convection Oven Size 40L
Dependent Quantity No
Dimension 18.11" x 14.17"x 14.96" (460x 360 x 380mm)
FCC Attribute Yes
Oven Chamber W15.75" x H12.99" x D10.43" (400 x 330 x 265mm)
Oven Weight 24.69 lbs
Packing Size W22.24" x L21.06" x H18.30" (W565 x L535 x H465mm)
SIP Attribute Yes
Temperature Range 140- 446ºF (60- 230ºC)
Total Watts 1600 W + 400 W (2000 W)
Volt/Amp/Phase Voltage
Application Temperature

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