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Sublimation Kitchenware

Welcome to our Sublimation kitchenware collection, where style meets kitchen functionality. These potholders offer heat protection and customizable designs through innovative sublimation printing.


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What Are Sublimation Kitchenware?

Sublimation kitchenware includes items like mugs and plates decorated using a sublimation printing process, where dye is transferred onto the surface through heat and pressure. This process turns the dye into a gas, embedding it into the material to create vibrant and durable designs.

What are the types of Sublimation Kitchenware?

Sublimation kitchenware refers to kitchen items that can be customized through the process of sublimation printing. This process involves transferring dye onto materials using heat, resulting in vibrant, long-lasting designs. Here are some common types of sublimation kitchenware:

Mugs and Cups

Ceramic Mugs: Standard mugs available in various sizes (e.g., 11 oz, 15 oz) and colors, including color-changing mugs.
Travel Mugs: Stainless steel or plastic travel mugs with lids.
Glass Mugs: Transparent or frosted glass mugs suitable for sublimation.


Ceramic Coasters: Durable and available in different shapes (e.g., round, square).
Cork-Backed Coasters: Usually with a hardboard or MDF top surface for sublimation.
Slate Coasters: Natural slate with a sublimation coating.

Aprons and Oven Mitts

Polyester Aprons: Designed for sublimation with high heat resistance.
Polyester Oven Mitts: Heat-resistant and customizable.

Water Bottles

Stainless Steel Water Bottles: Insulated bottles suitable for sublimation.

Pet Bowls

Ceramic or Metal Pet Bowls: Customizable for personal pet designs.

Joto Imaging Supplies offers customized and unique designs for sublimation kitchenware sets and individual items. Don't miss out on creating lasting memories with our high-quality sublimation kitchenware—shop now to make your day truly unforgettable!

What exactly is sublimation kitchenware?

Sublimation kitchenware refers to kitchen items that can be customized using sublimation printing. This printing technique involves transferring dye onto materials like ceramic, metal, glass, or polyester using high heat, resulting in vibrant, durable designs that won't peel, fade, or wash away. Examples include mugs, plates, cutting boards, and aprons.

What types of designs work best when using sublimation printing on kitchenware?

Vibrant colors and high-contrast designs work best for sublimation printing on kitchenware, producing vivid, detailed images. Use high-resolution graphics and intricate patterns, ensuring they fit the printable area to avoid distortion; avoid very light or pastel colors on light-colored items, as they may not show up well.

Are kitchenware items that have undergone sublimation printing safe to use for food and beverages?

Sublimation-printed kitchenware is generally safe for food and drink use if made from food-safe materials. Ensure the items are certified for food safety, as the sublimation process uses non-toxic dyes on food-grade substrates like ceramic, glass, or certain metals.


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