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Laser Papers

At Joto, Discover our  premium heat transfer paper, designed for creating vibrant, long-lasting custom designs on various fabrics. Perfect for both professionals and hobbyists, our transfer paper ensures easy application, exceptional durability, and stunning results every time.

What is Heat Transfer Paper?

heat transfer paper as a type of fabric sticker, you can print any design on the paper with your home inkjet printer and then apply it to fabrics with 100% natural content. The paper has special heat transfer technology that uses heat to fuse your printed design to your fabric by pressing it with a heat press or hand iron.

Types of Heat Transfer Paper

Heat transfer Paper comes in a wide variety of types, each with its own unique characteristics and applications. Some of the most common categories include:
Inkjet transfer paper
Explore Joto Imaging Supplies' extensive range of wholesale t-shirt transfer paper for custom heat transfers using inkjet, laser, DTF, or sublimation methods. Our durable, washable transfer paper comes in various sizes and requires no minimum purchase, perfect for both professionals and newcomers in the t-shirt business.
CMYK Toner Laser transfer paper
Designed for laser printers with CMYK powder toner, this paper fuses the design onto the surface with heat, creating a permanent bond when pressed onto fabric. Different types of transfer papers are available for light and dark fabrics, as well as for decorating leather, wood, metal, and plastic..
DTF (Direct-To-Film) transfer paper

Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing uses a special film coated to accept DTF inks, with an adhesive powder applied and cured before transferring to fabric with a heat press. This technology allows full-color designs to be applied without weeding, making it versatile for various fabric colors and types.
Explore Joto Imaging Supplies' extensive selection of wholesale t-shirt transfer paper for creating custom heat transfers with inkjet, laser, DTF, or sublimation methods. Available in various sizes, our heat transfer paper ensures exceptional durability and washability. With no minimum purchase requirements, Joto's transfer paper allows both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the t-shirt business to create custom designs freely.

How does heat transfer paper work?

Heat transfer paper works through a process called sublimation or heat transfer. When heat is applied to the paper with the printed design, the ink on the paper turns into a gas and bonds with the surface material, such as fabric or other substrates.

What kind of printers can I use with heat transfer paper?

Heat transfer paper is typically compatible with inkjet printers. Some types may also work with laser printers, but it's essential to check the specifications of the paper to ensure compatibility.

What surfaces can I transfer designs onto using heat transfer paper?

Heat transfer paper can be used on various surfaces, including cotton, polyester, blends, ceramics, wood, and more. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on the material and the type of heat transfer paper used.


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