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Paropy™ Heat Transfer Paper CL TrimFree Light - Pack of 100

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  • Letter (8.5" x 11")
  • Tabloid (11" x 17")

This laser light transfer paper is ideal for apparel decoration of white or light-colored fabrics. It does not leave any background, has a soft hand and should be used for solid colored images.

Paropy™ Heat Transfer Paper CL TrimFree Light - Pack of 100 - Joto Imaging Supplies US
Paropy™ Heat Transfer Paper CL TrimFree Light - Pack of 100

Paropy CL TrimFree is compatible with color laser printers and copiers and is ideal for white and light-colored fabrics. It is a unique, single-step self-weeding transfer paper. Developed to leave ZERO background in the unimaged areas of the design eliminating the need for trimming the image prior to pressing.

Ideal for full-color graphics and logos. Not recommended for photographs or designs with drop shadows, gradients, and skin tones.

  • Self-weeding paper reduces apparel production time
  • No residue background creates a soft to the touch screen printed feel
  • Screen-printing foil can be applied on top of the TrimFree image
  • Can be used as proofs for screen-printing jobs
  • This paper works great for black only graphics on dark colored shirts
  • Works on most Laser Printers and Copiers
    (Except HP and Brother Laser Printers)

Available Sizes: Letter (8.5x11), Tabloid (11x17)

Brand Paropy
Carrier Sheet Not Applicable
Compatible Fabric Cotton|Polyester|Cotton/Polyester
Compatible Technology Transfer Papers
Dye Blocking No
Experience Pack Text Pack
FCC Attribute Yes
Finish Matte
Ink Configuration CMY&HDK
Self-Weeding No
Shirt Color White Shirts|Light Colored Shirts
SIP Attribute Yes
Unit Sell pack
Peel Warm (5-10 secs)
Image Mirror
Pressure Heavy
Application Temperature 330°F (165°C)
Time 30 seconds
Equipment Used Laser Printer
Wash Temperature Up To 105F (40C)
Hints & Tips
Imaging Instructions
  1. Feed material into a laser printer so that the printer is printing on the printable side (white matte coated side).
  2. Design your image and resize it if necessary.
  3. Prepress fabric for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Place imaged CL TrimFree on fabric with image face down.
  5. Heat press the transfer onto the shirt. Press at 330-340F at 25-30 seconds. Use maximum pressure.
  6. Do not remove fabric from the heat press. Peel transfer off warm. Wait approximately 7-10 seconds before peeling.
  7. Repress imaged t-shirt for 30 seconds at 330F using an enclosed silicon sheet. This will seal the coating to allow better wash resistance.

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