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Printable Heat Transfer Vinyls

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) from Joto is the go-to choice for creating full-color logos and detailed images on apparel. Designed for versatility, these Print-n-Cut HTVs can be used with a range of ink types, including solvent, pigment, sublimation, and aqueous, making them suitable for various printing needs. Whether you're working with performance apparel or a diverse array of fabrics, Joto's HTV ensures high-quality, vibrant graphics.

With the combination of a printer and cutter or an all-in-one print and cut machine, the possibilities for custom apparel are nearly limitless. Joto supports this creative freedom with an extensive selection of colors and materials, providing everything needed to cater to the growing demands of a customized apparel business. This ensures not just versatility in design and application but also the ability to decorate almost any garment with ease, opening up a world of opportunities for personalized and commercial projects alike.

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