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Sublimation Sports & Games

The demand for personalized sports gear and game pieces is higher than ever, and sublimation technology makes it possible to bring these custom designs to life. Joto, a leader in sublimation supplies, empowers individuals and businesses to create unique and captivating sports items.


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Sublimation on Various Sports Gear

The versatility of sublimation technology extends far beyond the realm of traditional sports equipment. From customized sublimation pickleball paddles to unique sublimation cardboard creations, the possibilities are truly endless.

Sublimation Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball enthusiasts can use Joto's sublimation printers and inks to create personalized paddles with their favorite colors, logos, or custom artwork. These vibrant, long-lasting designs enhance the paddles' visual appeal and add a personal touch to the sport.

Sublimation Cardboard

Sublimation technology can also personalize game pieces and accessories, extending beyond traditional sports equipment. Joto's sublimation capabilities enable unique, eye-catching designs on items like custom puzzles and card boards, allowing enthusiasts to infuse their creativity into every piece.

Sublimation Durability

One of the key advantages of sublimation is its remarkable durability. The infusion of ink into the surface of the material ensures that the designs remain vibrant and resistant to fading, even when exposed to the elements or subjected to intense use. This makes sublimation paddle and other sublimated sports gear and game pieces ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities, ensuring that your creations maintain their stunning appearance over time.

Sublimation Trends in Sports and Games

As technology evolves, sublimation applications in sports and games are expanding, with growing demand for personalized jerseys, equipment, and accessories. Joto's cutting-edge sublimation supplies allow enthusiasts and businesses to create unique, high-demand products, ensuring their designs remain fresh and engaging.

Can you sublimate on pickleball paddles?

Not all pickleball paddles are designed to be sublimated. However, Joto offers specialized sublimation pickleball paddles that come with a sublimation-friendly coating, making them ideal for printing vibrant, long-lasting designs on both sides of the paddle. This allows pickleball players to personalize their gear and showcase their unique style on the court.

Can you use sublimation on cardboard?

Absolutely! Joto's sublimation technology enables the creation of stunning sublimation on cardboard designs. From custom puzzles and game boards to specialty packaging, the versatility of sublimation allows sports enthusiasts and game aficionados to infuse their passions and creativity into every aspect of their experiences.

What temperature and time for sublimation cardboard puzzles?

For sublimating cardboard puzzles, press the design at 380°F (193°C) for about 60 seconds using medium pressure, adjusting temperature and time based on material thickness. After pressing, carefully peel back the thermal tape and sublimation paper to reveal the vibrant results.


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