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Clam Presses

Joto's Clam Presses are designed for those who need to optimize their workspace without sacrificing functionality. These clamshell heat presses are celebrated for their compact design, making them a more space-efficient choice than swing-away models. They offer robust reliability and durability, featuring user-friendly controls such as fingertip pressure adjustments, automatic opening, and precise digital timers and temperature settings. This combination of features makes clam presses intuitive for beginners and efficient for established businesses alike.

Ideal for startups or businesses with limited space, Joto's Clam Presses excel in small-scale flex and screen transfer projects. Their simplicity in operation and minimal space requirements make them a favorite among businesses looking to get started with heat transfer printing or those needing to maximize a compact working area. Whether you're launching a new venture or looking to streamline your current operations, Joto's Clam Presses offer a practical solution that doesn't compromise on quality or efficiency.


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