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Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Slate Mug Coaster - Pack of 10

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  • Round
  • Square

Uniquely chiseled naturally edged slate coasters are striking and beautiful when imaged with family photos or designs that invoke the decor theme of any room. Available in two shapes.

Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Slate Mug Coaster - Pack of 10 - Joto Imaging Supplies US
Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Slate Mug Coaster - Pack of 10

Coasters are a necessity in the home for when you are having any kind of beverage so bring something unique and special to an ordinary item by personalizing it. 

Ideal for cherished images of every kind including full-color photos, awards, and other valuable keepsakes. Made from natural sedimentary stone, each slate comes fitted box. The natural beauty of rough-cut slate makes a personal and unique gift for any occasion - house decoration, birthdays, weddings.

Available in Round and Square.

  • Round- 4" (10 cm) diameter
  • Square-4" x 4" (10cm x 10xm)

Please note that due to the nature of slate products, the shape of each slate will differ slightly. 

Brand Pearl Coating™
Compatible Technology Sublimation
FCC Attribute Yes
Finish Matte
SIP Attribute Yes
Unit Sell case
Peel Immediate
Equipment Heat Press
Image Mirror
Pressure Light
Application Temperature 360°F (180°C)
Time 8 minutes
Imaging Instructions
  1. Print your design on a sublimation paper. Don’t forget to mirror.
  2. Place the slate on top of the transfer and align it with the design
  3. Using a heat resistant tape, secure transfer paper to the slate.
  4. Place silicon paper on a heat press
  5. Place slate onto silicon paper with the transfer face up.
  6. Place silicon paper on top of slate and Conductive green heat pad or a piece of fabric on top of silicon paper
  7. Press the slate for 7 mins for 400°F
  8. Carefully remove the transfer paper and let it cool

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