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Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Adjustable Pet Collar (Small) - Pack of 10

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Get your pet in style with Joto's adjustable pet collar.

Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Adjustable Pet Collar (Small) - Pack of 10 - Joto Imaging Supplies US
Pearl Coating™ Sublimation Adjustable Pet Collar (Small) - Pack of 10

Introducing our Sublimation Adjustable Pet Collar, a stylish and personalized accessory for your beloved furry friend. This pet collar is designed for comfort and durability, featuring an adjustable strap to ensure the perfect fit for your pet.

The collar is made from high-quality polyester material, known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. The adjustable strap allows you to easily resize the collar to fit your pet's neck size, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

With the sublimation printing capability, you can personalize the collar with your own custom designs, patterns, or text. Showcase your pet's name, add fun and vibrant patterns, or even display your favorite photos. The sublimation printing process ensures sharp and long-lasting prints that won't fade or peel, even with regular use.

The sturdy D-ring on the collar provides a convenient attachment point for a leash or ID tags, keeping your pet safe and identifiable. The secure buckle closure ensures that the collar stays in place while providing easy on/off functionality.

Not only is this collar a practical accessory for your pet, but it also adds a touch of style and personality. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to suit your pet's unique personality or match their outfit for special occasions.

The Sublimation Adjustable Pet Collar is suitable for dogs and cats of various sizes and breeds. Please measure your pet's neck size accurately to ensure the correct fit.

Give your pet a personalized and fashionable look with our Sublimation Adjustable Pet Collar. Customizable, comfortable, and durable, it's the perfect accessory to showcase your pet's individuality.

  • Ideal for pets weight 10-25 lbs/4.54-11.33 kg.
  • Collar Size: 11.5" to 18"(adjustable) x  0.78".
  • It has one side black and a white imprintable side.
  • Made of Polyester with plastic buckle
Brand Pearl Coating™
Color White
Compatible Technology Sublimation
Dependent Quantity No
Dimensions 11.5" to 18"(adjustable) x 0.78"
FCC Attribute Yes
Finish White Gloss
Printable Area 0.78" x 11.5"
Quantity Unit 10 Collars/ Pack
SIP Attribute Yes
Size Medium
Unit Sell pack
Peel Immediate
Equipment Heat Press
Image Mirror
Pressure Light
Application Temperature 360°F (180°C)
Time 120 seconds
Imaging Instructions
  1. Print your design and make sure it mirrored.
  2. Place two pieces of plain paper on top of the heat press
  3. Tape the dog collar to the  two pieces of plain paper using a heat resistant tape in order to secure it. Make sure that the plastic edges of the collar are not on the platen
  4. Place another two pieces of plain paper and pre-press the dog collar for a 4-5 seconds before placing the transfer paper
  5. Remove plain paper, place transfer paper and align it with the collar. Secure it using a heat resistant tape
  6. Place two pieces of plain paper again and press it for 120s at 360F
  7. Remove blank sheet and transfer paper immediately and carefully as it may be hot
  8. Remove the securing heat resistant tape and let the collar to cool down

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