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Pearl Coating™ 20oz Sublimation Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw & Lid - Pack of 5

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Perfect for picnics, day trips, holidays, or other outdoor activities, Joto's sublimatable 20oz tumblers come with removable plastic lids that slide closed and Stainless Steel Straws. They are great for both cold and hot drinks and can be easily sublimated using shrink sleeves and a convection oven.

Pearl Coating™ 20oz Sublimation Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw & Lid - Pack of 5 - Joto Imaging Supplies US
Pearl Coating™ 20oz Sublimation Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw & Lid - Pack of 5

These 20oz stainless steel tumblers with clear plastic lids and stainless steel straws make great gift ideas. These beautiful stainless steel double-wall tumblers keep your hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold. 

You can sublimate them from top to bottom and they have an easy-to-grasp shape. The clear plastic lids come with these skinny tumblers have an easy opening that can be slid to close.

Add your design to the great tumbler.

  • Size: 20oz/600ml
  • Easy to be personalized, great gift idea
  • Fits Most Cup Holders
  • Comes with a plastic lid and stainless steel straw
Printing Methods:
  • Joto Digital Mug Press -Single Station Includes 6 Elements - Tumbler Element 
  • Joto Digital Mug Press -Single Station Includes 7 Elements - Tumbler Element
  • Convection Oven  - Requires a Shrink sleeve. We recommend W 5.9” x H 9.84” (P-SUB-SF-150250).
    Please remove the lid before placing it in a convection oven
Brand Pearl Coating™
Color White
Compatible Technology Sublimation
Dependent Quantity No
Dishwasher Safe No
FCC Attribute Yes
Microwave Safe No
Quantity Unit 5 Tumblers/ Pack
Recommended Shrink Sleeve W 5.9” x H 9.84” (P-SUB-SF-150250)
SIP Attribute Yes
Size 20oz
Unit Sell pack
Equipment Mug Press or Convection Oven
Image Mirror
Application Temperature
Mug Element
Mug Press Imaging Instructions

Press Temperature: 360˚F (165C) for 75 seconds | Medium Pressure, Hot peel

  1. Remove lid and straw. Make sure you are using the Tumbler Element.
  2. Tape imaged sublimation paper onto your tumbler. Place image facing the tumbler.
  3. Set the mug press at 360˚F for 75 seconds. If your press has an idle and press temperature setting, adjust the time accordingly.
  4. Ensure the mug press has reached temperature. Place the tumbler into your mug press. Close Mug Press.
  5. Once pressing is done, open the mug press, and take the tumbler bottle out of the press.
    Use gloves or heat-resistant cloth to handle the hot tumbler.
  6. Peel the sublimation paper off.
  7. Leave on the table to cool. Do not dunk in water.

Caution:  Tumbler is extremely hot when in the mug press, do not handle it with bare hands
Note: Temperature and time settings are only a guide/starting point, some convection ovens may require some fine tweaking of the temperature and time.  

Convection Oven Instructions

Press Temperature: 320°F |  Time: 6 minutes (test in your oven for accurate time) | Peel: Hot

  1. Remove plastic lid and metal straw.
  2. Print your design. Don't forget to mirror.
  3. Secure your transfer to the tumbler using heat-resistant tape. The transfer should not extend past the edges of the tumbler.
  4. Place the tumbler inside the shrink wrap centering it as best you can.
  5. Use a heat gun on a low setting to shrink the wrap to the contour of the tumbler, it is best to start on the side away from the transfer first.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each item you wish to sublimate in the production run.
  7. When the items are ready place them into a preheated convection oven.
  8. Once the item is finished sublimating, remove the shrink wrap and sublimation paper. It may break into smaller pieces that just have to be pulled off the item.
  9. Leave on the table to cool down.

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