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Epson Printers:

Joto Imaging Supplies offers a range of Epson printers tailored to various printing applications. The SureColor F1070/2270 models are designed for DTG (Direct-to-Garment) and DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing, providing efficiency and excellent print quality. Additionally, the compact SureColor F570 is ideal for dye-sublimation tasks, delivering professional-quality prints on textiles and personalized items.

In addition to these, Joto Imaging Supplies also provides the SureColor F6470, SureColor F6470H and SureColor F7200 printers. The SureColor F6470 and SureColor F6470H excel in dye-sublimation printing, while the robust SureColor F7200 is perfect for large-format prints on textiles and banners.

Epson Inks:

Explore a range of sublimation and DTG inks known for their quality and reliability. Individual ink bottles are available for specific printer models, ensuring precise ink management.

Joto Imaging Supplies caters to diverse imaging needs, offering comprehensive printing solutions!


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