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Nomex Felt

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  • 16" x 20"
  • 32" x 44"
  • 44" x 66"

Nomex Felt for use with sublimation. For use with Ceramic Tiles, HD Photo Panels.

Nomex Felt - Joto Imaging Supplies US
Nomex Felt

Nomex Felt for use with Sublimation.

Nomex Felt is a specialized heat-resistant material commonly used in sublimation printing processes. It is a durable and high-quality fabric that can withstand the high temperatures and pressure involved in sublimation heat transfer.

When using Nomex Felt in sublimation printing, it acts as a protective barrier between the heat press and the sublimation paper or fabric. It helps distribute heat evenly, ensuring consistent and vibrant transfer of the sublimation inks onto the target material.

The heat resistance of Nomex Felt prevents scorching or burning of the sublimation paper or fabric, allowing for clean and crisp image transfers. It also helps prevent any unwanted heat marks or imprints on the final product.

Nomex Felt is known for its excellent dimensional stability, meaning it retains its shape and form even under high temperatures. This stability ensures accurate and precise positioning of the sublimation paper and fabric during the heat transfer process.

Additionally, Nomex Felt has good abrasion resistance, making it a reliable choice for repetitive use in sublimation printing. It can withstand multiple cycles of heat transfer without significant wear and tear.

Using Nomex Felt in sublimation printing helps protect your heat press equipment and ensures consistent and high-quality results. It provides a reliable and durable surface for heat transfer, allowing for excellent color vibrancy and image sharpness.

  • Used for printing onto ceramic tiles requiring full bleed and iLumipiX™ photo panels.
  • Using the Nomex felt to print HD Aluminum Photo Panels helps reduce dents on the edge of the metal.
  • Sizes Available: 44" x 64", 32" x 44", 16" x 22"
Compatible Technology Accessories
Dye Blocking No
FCC Attribute Yes
Ink Configuration CMY&HDK
Product Page Type Default
Self-Weeding No
SIP Attribute Yes
Application Temperature

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