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Epson® F1070 Maintenance Supplies

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  • Print Head Maintenance Kit
  • Wiper Unit
  • Maintenance Box/ Ink Collector
  • Maintenance Liquid (250 mL)
  • Cleaning Liquid (250 mL)

Wiper Unit, Head Maintenance Set, Maintenance Box, Maintenance Liquid and Cleaning Liquid for use with Epson F1070 Direct to Grament/ Direct to Film Printer.

Epson® F1070 Maintenance Supplies - Joto Imaging Supplies US
Epson® F1070 Maintenance Supplies
  • Wiper Unit: The Wiper Unit for the Epson F1070 is an essential component designed to maintain the printer's optimal performance. This unit is responsible for keeping the printhead clean, ensuring that ink droplets are precisely deposited on the substrate. It effectively removes any excess ink, dust, and debris that could interfere with print quality. Regular replacement of the Wiper Unit is crucial for maintaining the clarity and sharpness of prints, preventing smudging, and extending the lifespan of the printhead.
  • Head Maintenance Set: The Head Maintenance Set is a comprehensive kit designed to keep the Epson F1070's printhead in top condition. This set typically includes print head capping station and the print head flushing pad specifically formulated to clean and maintain the printhead. Regular use of the Head Maintenance Set helps in preventing clogs, streaks, and other common printing issues. It ensures consistent print quality, reduces downtime due to printhead problems, and is integral to the longevity of the printer.
  • Maintenance Box: The Maintenance Box is a critical component for the Epson F1070, designed to collect and store waste ink that accumulates during cleaning cycles and normal usage. This box is key to maintaining a clean and efficient printing environment. It helps in preventing ink overflow and leakage inside the printer, thus protecting internal components from potential damage. The Maintenance Box should be monitored and replaced regularly to ensure uninterrupted printing operations and to maintain the cleanliness of the printer.
  • Maintenance Liquid: Maintenance Liquid for the Epson F1070 is specially formulated to assist in the regular upkeep of the printer. This liquid is used in various maintenance procedures, including printhead cleaning and flushing. It helps in dissolving ink residues and blockages in the printhead, ensuring smooth ink flow. Regular use of the Maintenance Liquid can significantly reduce the chances of printhead clogs and prolong the printhead's life, contributing to consistent print quality and reliability.
  • Cleaning Liquid: The Cleaning Liquid is specifically designed for the Epson F1070 printer to ensure thorough cleaning of various printer components. This liquid is used to clean the external and internal parts of the printer, including the printhead surface and other areas where ink residue may accumulate. The Cleaning Liquid is gentle yet effective in removing ink stains, dust, and other contaminants. Regular use of this liquid is essential for maintaining the printer's cleanliness, which directly affects print quality and the overall health of the printer.
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