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Sawgrass Sublijet-UHD SG500/SG1000 Individual Cartridges - 31ml

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Sublimation inks for the Virtuoso SG500/SG1000 Sublimation printer.

Sawgrass Sublijet-UHD SG500/SG1000 Individual Cartridges - 31ml - Joto Imaging Supplies US
Sawgrass Sublijet-UHD SG500/SG1000 Individual Cartridges - 31ml

Sawgrass’ flagship sublimation ink is now better than ever, delivering richer, more vibrant color on both hard and soft substrates, including heat-transfer vinyl.  Changes to the capacity of the standard capacity set have yielded a savings of about 6% over SG800 inks.

Sawgrass-approved inks deliver superior reliability and performance in Sawgrass printers, providing you with maximum value and the best possible image quality. Also, only Sawgrass inks work with Sawgrass Print Manager, providing seamless end-to-end color management.

  • Extreme Versatility: Thanks to the extreme versatility of Sawgrass' sublimation printing technology, SubliJet-UHD can decorate a wide variety of polyester fabrics and polymer-coated hard substrates, including metal, ceramic, glass, FRP plastic, poly-performance fabrics, hardboard and more
  • Vibrant Colors: Extremely vibrant colors and stunning resolution at levels that other digital processes simply cannot match. It's the top choice for professional photographers and digital images who demand precision and fine detail in every image.
  • Superior Durability: Sublimated images created with SubliJet-UHD are permanent! Hard substrate surfaces won't crack, peel, or scratch. Apparel won't fade - ever - no matter how many times it is washed.
  • Infused Image: Unlike screen printing, print-cut vinyl and direct-to-substrate printing, which are sitting on the surface of the product, sublimation ink is actually infused into surface itself, and will not crack, peel or wash away.
  • PowerDriver: PowerDriver makes printing beautiful transfers a breeze. Powerful features enable users to easily optimize color output for photographs, vector graphics, or spot colors.

Cartridge Capacity:

  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (31ml/ea.)
Brand Sublijet
Compatible Ink Types Sublimation Inks
FCC Attribute Yes
SIP Attribute Yes
Application Temperature

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