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Tazas de viaje de sublimación

En Joto, ofrecemos tazas de viaje para sublimación de alta calidad, disponibles en una variedad de tamaños y estilos. Estas tazas de viaje son perfectas para los entusiastas del aire libre que buscan disfrutar de sus bebidas frías o calientes mientras viajan. Personalízalos con los logotipos de tu empresa o tus diseños únicos.

Nuestras tazas de viaje son compañeros esenciales para cualquier viaje, ya sea que prefiera mantener caliente su café o chocolate caliente durante los fríos meses de invierno o disfrutar de bebidas heladas durante los calurosos meses de verano.


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What Are Sublimation Mugs?

Sublimation printing transfers vibrant, long-lasting designs onto various surfaces, including travel mugs, using heat and pressure for a durable, scratch-resistant finish. This method embeds the design directly into the mug's material, ensuring it remains vivid and won't fade or peel over time.

Types of Sublimation Travel Mugs

Stainless Steel Sublimation Mugs: These mugs keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods, perfect for outdoor activities and commutes. The stainless steel construction makes them shatterproof and resistant to dents and scratches.

Ceramic Sublimation Mugs: Our sublimation ceramic mugs offer a classic, timeless look with vibrant designs. Perfect for your morning coffee or afternoon tea, they make a true conversation piece.

Glass Sublimation Mugs: Elegant and modern, our sublimation glass mugs showcase personalized designs beautifully. The transparent material makes the graphics shine, creating a visually striking mug.

Sublimation vs. Other Printing Methods

Sublimation printing is superior to screen printing and vinyl decals for personalized mugs, producing high-quality, durable graphics that won't fade or peel. Unlike screen printing, sublimation allows for complex, vibrant designs seamlessly integrated into the mug's surface. Vinyl decals often appear cheap and peel over time, while sublimation ensures a sleek, polished look that lasts for years.

What kind of mugs can you sublimate on?

Hard-coated mugs are generally better for sublimation printing as they produce more vibrant and durable prints. Soft-coated mugs may not yield the same high-quality results but have a softer, more natural finish.

Do sublimation mugs fade?

Dye sublimation inks are typically waterproof and resistant to fading when exposed to water or other elements.

Can you turn a regular mug into a sublimation mug?

No, not all mugs can be used for sublimation. You need to use mugs specifically sold as "sublimation blanks" to achieve the desired results. Sublimation involves using high heat to transform the ink into a gaseous state and infuse it into the mug's surface.

Do you need a sublimation printer for mugs?

Yes, to start printing on mugs, you will need a sublimation printer, preferably in an A4 format, as the printing area for mugs is relatively small. You will also need sublimation inks compatible with your printer.


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