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Películas DTF

Las películas DTF (Direct-to-Film) son esenciales para lograr impresiones vibrantes y duraderas en el proceso de impresión directa sobre prenda.

Estas películas sirven como base para transferir tinta a los textiles, lo que garantiza diseños nítidos y duraderos. Con las películas DTF de primera calidad, puede esperar una adhesión, intensidad de color y durabilidad superiores, lo que da como resultado impresiones de calidad profesional que destacan. Ya sea que esté creando prendas, accesorios o artículos promocionales personalizados, invertir en películas DTF de alta calidad es crucial para lograr resultados excelentes.

Explore una amplia gama de películas DTF diseñadas para diversas aplicaciones y tipos de telas, y mejore su juego de impresión con materiales de primera calidad que ofrecen un rendimiento y confiabilidad excepcionales.


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What is DTF Films?

DTF stands for Direct To Film. This technique involves printing your design directly onto a film and then transferring it to a T-shirt made of cotton, polyester, or their blends, regardless of their color, as it can work with white ink.

DTF Printing VS White Toner

The similarity here lies in the production process, as you must print the design before transferring it to the T-shirt. The result is also very similar in feel. Let’s analyze the differences between T-shirt personalisation using DTF printing and low-cost white toner.

Printing process

DTF is much simpler than white toner, as the white layer is printed at the same time as the color layer (compared to low-cost white toner systems).

Weeding Forever No Cut transfers

with the white toner technique, you will need to press the printed paper A onto paper B to add the adhesive and weed it. This step is the most delicate because the transfer could be damaged and cause expensive production losses if the weeding isn’t done properly. With DTF printing, this step doesn’t exist, saving you time and money.

Print touch and finish

The finish has almost the same feeling to the touch for both techniques. The main difference is that DTF inks are textile and provide greater elasticity and wear resistance.

White intensity and purity

In this area, white toner provides a more intense white color.

Consumable costs

white toner has much higher printing costs than DTF printing because of the toner and NO CUT transfer papers required for its application. A personalized T-shirt printed with a DTF printer has a 50% lower production cost than a T-shirt printed with white toner.

Different projects possible

DTF printing is a technique that can be used mainly on textiles, whereas white toner laser printing opens up a wide range of possible projects. In addition to this type of product, it is also possible to personalize rigid objects in color.

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Can DTF printers print on other media, such as vinyl?

Generally, the answer is no. Most DTF printers are engineered specifically for printing on the specially-coated film for which DTF is named. However, the Roland BY-20, which is based on a printer-cutter, can also be used to print (and cut) solvent-printable heat transfer film.

What makes the powder stick?

The powder is an adhesive that is activated by heat. Technically speaking, it’s an endothermic reaction. When a certain temperature is reached, the powder melts into the ink forming a permanent bond. Then, when it’s heated again on the heat press, that same reaction occurs and binds the powder and ink to the fabric.


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