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Cristalería para sublimación

Descubra infinitas posibilidades con nuestros vasos de vidrio para sublimación, meticulosamente recubiertos a la perfección para la impresión por sublimación.

Ya sea que estés sirviendo cócteles o bebidas calientes, estos vasos se transforman en lienzos para tus diseños vibrantes. Vierta un líquido de color más claro y observe cómo su obra de arte cobra vida, agregando un toque de creatividad a cada sorbo. Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que debido a la transparencia del vaso, los colores pueden parecer menos vívidos u opacos cuando el vaso está vacío. Mejore su experiencia de beber y exprese su creatividad con nuestra cristalería lista para sublimación, aportando un toque de color y personalidad a cualquier ocasión.


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What is Sublimation Glass?

Sublimation is a unique printing technique that permanently transfers full-color designs onto various surfaces, including glass, by transforming dye-based inks into a gas with heat. This process enables the ink to penetrate the glass surface, creating long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and fade-resistant images. The key to successful sublimation on glass is a specialized coating that acts as a receptor for the sublimation dyes, providing a smooth and even canvas for any design.

Sublimation Glassware Products

Explore our extensive collection of sublimation glassware, offering a diverse range of products to suit your every need:

Sublimation Glass Mugs: Elevate your morning coffee or afternoon tea with our custom-designed sublimation glass mugs.
Sublimation Glass Cups: Serve up your favorite beverages in style with our sublimation glass cups, perfect for hot or cold drinks.
Sublimation Glass Tumblers: Enjoy your refreshments on the go with our sleek and versatile sublimation glass tumblers.
Sublimation Beer Can Glass: Bring a touch of creativity to your beer-drinking experience with our sublimation-coated beer can glasses.
Sublimation Wine Glass: Sip your favorite vintage in a personalized sublimation wine glass that showcases your unique design.
Sublimation Stemless Wine Glass: Elevate your wine-tasting experience with our stylish sublimation stemless wine glasses.
Sublimation Glass Can: Customize the look of your canned beverages with our sublimation glass can solution.

All of our Sublimation Glassware is coated using our premium grade Pearl Coating™.

Designing Captivating Sublimation Artwork

Crafting visually appealing sublimation artwork is key to making your glassware truly stand out. Consider using high-resolution images, bold graphics, and vibrant color palettes to create designs that will captivate your audience. Experiment with different techniques, such as layering, gradients, and text, to add depth and interest to your artwork.

Choosing the Right Sublimation Glass

When selecting the appropriate sublimation glass, consider factors such as material, shape, and size. Opt for high-quality glass that is compatible with the sublimation process, ensuring a seamless and long-lasting finish. Additionally, choose a shape and size that aligns with your intended use and design preferences.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your Joto’s sublimation glassware maintains its stunning appearance and serves as a lasting testament to any creative expression.

Can you sublimate glassware?

Yes, you can sublimate on glassware, but it requires specific preparation. The surface of the glass needs to be coated with a polymer or polyester material that is compatible with the sublimation process. Regular clear glass is not suitable for direct sublimation, as the design will not adhere properly. You'll need to use a glass tumbler or item that has been pre-coated for sublimation purposes.

What is the difference between sublimation glass and regular glass?

The key difference is the coating. Sublimation glass has a polyester or vinyl coating that allows the sublimation ink to bond to the surface. Regular glass does not have this specialized coating, so the sublimation design will not transfer properly and may fade or not appear at all. Sublimation glass is specifically engineered to work with the heat and pressure of the sublimation process.

How long does it take to sublimate glass?

The recommended time to sublimate glass is typically 180-240 seconds, or 3-4 minutes. This allows the sublimation ink to fully transfer and bond to the coated glass surface under the heat and pressure of the sublimation press. Although please refer to the instructions for each sublimation glassware on our Joto Website.

What heat setting for sublimation on glass?

For sublimating glass, the recommended temperature is 400°F (205°C). The glass substrate should be pressed at this temperature for 180-220 seconds. It's important to use light pressure and remove the item immediately from the press once the time is up, as the glass will be very hot. Although please refer to the instructions for each sublimation glassware on our Joto Website.

What happens if you overheat sublimation?

Overheating during sublimation can cause ghosting or blurring of the design by prematurely activating the ink's gassing process, and excessive heat combined with humidity can lead to moisture issues. Following the recommended time and temperature guidelines is crucial for achieving the best results on glass or other substrates.

What paper can I use with Sublimation Glassware?

For the best results with sublimation glassware, we recommend using Paropy™ Sublimation Paper. Paropy™ Sublimation Paper is specifically designed for the sublimation process, ensuring vibrant, high-quality prints that infuse seamlessly into the coated glass surface. The paper's superior ink absorption and color-fastness properties make it an ideal choice for creating stunning, long-lasting designs on your sublimation glassware.


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