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Meet One-4-All - One Vinyl, Endless Fabric Possibilities

Learn how to heat pressing MultiCut One-4-All™ in 4 Steps
Prepare Material & Design:
  • Load the material into the cutter with the matte side facing up.
  • Create your design and cut it in reverse (mirror image).

Weed Excess Material:

  • Use tweezers or a weeding tool to remove excess material.

Heat Press:

  • Place the weeded design on the shirt.
  • Heat press the material onto the shirt:
    • Temperature: 260°F
    • Duration: 3-5 seconds
    • Pressure: Medium
  • Avoid using Teflon sheets during pressing.

Peel Mylar Backing Warm:

  • Peel off the Mylar backing while it's still warm.

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